Signium 2012
Among the grapes that are harvested at the different regions of our country in late September Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Öküzgözü became the prominent grapes in 2012 with their superior qualities as they are collected with a very low production of 5-6 tons per hectare. Signium vintage 2012 is born as 42 % Cabernet Sauvignon (Thrace) ,%35 Shiraz (Denizli) and %22 Öküzgözü (Elazığ). For Signium 2012, the maceration period lasts about 10 days and then the wine lots are aged for about 3 months in %80 French-%20 American oak barrels with sur-lie technique. After the blending ,they are aged for 3 more months in oak barrels and with total of 6 months oak barrel aging , the aging process is completed. Cebernet Sauvignon’s long structure, Shiraz’s strong and spicy character and Öküzgözü’s fruity and crispy flavours get together and present us themselves with an ideal balance in Signium 2012. In Signium 2012 which draws attention with fruity, powerful and long structure, you can feel ripe cherry, prune, wild strawberry, vanilla, roasted almond and spice aromas with pleasure in your nose and on your palate.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Okuzgozu, Shiraz
Denizli, Elazig, Thrace
6-7 years following the vintage date under ideal storage conditions.
6 months in French and American oak barrels.
16-18 °C
Decanting 30 minutes prior to consumption is recommended.
Signium 2007 - Syrah du Monde 2009 - Silver Medal (France)
Signium 2007 - Vinalies Internationales 2010 - Silver Medal (France)
Signium 2007 - Challenge International du Vin 2010 - Gold Medal (France)
Signium 2008 - Mundus Vini 2010 - Gold Medal (Germany)
Signium 2008 - Vinalies China 2010 - Silver Medal (China)
Signium 2008 - Mundus Vini 2011 - Gold Medal (Germany)
Signium 2009 - China Best Value Wine & Spirits Awards 2012 - Gold Medal (China)
Vinalies Internationales 2014 - Silver medal (France)
Mundus Vini 2014 - Silver medal (Germany)
Challenge International du Vin 2014 - Silver medal (France)
Vinalies Internationales 2015 - Silver medal (France)
Mundus Vini 2015 - Silver medal (Germany)
Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 2015 - Silver medal (USA)
Sommelier Wine Awards 2015 - Mansion (England)
International Wine Challenge 2015 - Mansion (England)